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Books/ Book Chapters

  • Integrated Aquaculture : A Novel Technology for Sustainable Rural Livelihood (English, 2011); Fisheries and Aquaculture, ISBN 978-81-8411-383-9; pp 283-306
  • Sustainable Bioenergy Production from Natural waste (English, 2012); Waste Management for Sustanable Environment, ISBN 978-81-89972-57-8; pp 157-178
  • Anaerobic Digestion in Kitchen Waste Management to Produce Biogas (English, 2011); ISBN 978-3845407517, Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Conservation of Fish Biodiversity (English, 2011); Global Warming, Challenges and Opportunities, Agrasar Lecture series. Published by Women & Child Welfare Society, Cuttack. pp 48-55

Scientific Articles

  • Oushadhiya Bruhkya O Tara Upakarita; Scientific Bulletin under NEAC 2012.
  • Jalamagna Ninmanchalare Dhana-macha Chasa Byabasta Abanga Utpadana (2010, Oriya). Krushak Bandhu Annapurna, August, Volume 161, pp 36-37.
  • Spirulina (2010, Oriya). Krushak Bandhu Annapurna, July, Volume 160 pp 36-36.
  • Madhura Jalare Mukta Chasa (2010, Oriya); Krushak Bandhu Annapurna, Vol. 156 pp 35-35.
  • Saghana Machha Chasa (2009, Oriya). Krushakbandhu Arnapurna, Vol. 153 (12) pp 23-24.

Abstract Book

  • National Conference on 'Water Crisis Managemnt under Changing Climate' (16-17 November 2012)
  • National Symposium on 'Sustaining Agricultural Productivity and Food Security under Changing Climate' (11-12 November 2011)


  • Analysis of Long-Term Rainfall Pattern and Probability of Occurrence of Drought in India; National Conference on 'Water Crisis Management under changing climate'(2012), pp 20
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in combination with GC-MS2 and LC-MS2 for the detection and screening of pathogenic antibiotic in commercially exported crustaceans from Orissa; 3rd Bio-pesticide International Conference (BIOCICON-2011) pp157.
  • Preparation and characterization of chitosan-based nancomposites for antibacterial applications in aquaculture;3rd Bio-pesticide International Conference(BIOCICON-2011)pp-94
  • Bioinformatics : A technique for management and utilization of in-house agricultural waste; National symposium on 'Sustaining agricultural Productivity and food security under changing climate'(2011), pp 54-55
  • Bioinformatics for Agricultural Productivity; National symposium on 'Sustaining agricultural Productivity and food security under changing climate' (2011), pp 86
  • Sustainable Bio-energy Production from kitchen waste; National Seminar on Eco-friendly waste management for Sustainable Development (2011) pp 42-43.
  • Bioinformatics: A novel technique to produce safe drugs for aquaculture practices; National conference on Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BBB2010), pp 96-96.

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National Conference on Water Crisis Management under Changing Climate

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